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tricks are good for the foundation November 7, 2011

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I wanted to start with a fun video… not my own (yet!!) … but one from Silvia Trkman:

Training Goals!!

On another note: It was important for me to read and remember the following excerpt M. Christine Zink, DVM, PHD wrote in an article for Clean Run Magazine (the puppy special focus issue) – paraphrased here:

Puppies Under 6 months of age

  • Skill training: do moderate play-based training and keep it low impact. Ex: stay, down, come, low contacts/boards, directional cues. Jumping – no higher than the wrist.
  • Strength training: play, play, play and minimal low or no elevation tugging

Foundation/ground work can be started:

Clicker priming, Retrieve, Tug, Recall to both sides and to front,  Hand targeting, Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, OK, Follow-me! add acceleration, deceleration, and turns.

Besides new surfaces, sounds, people, other animals, and downtown life!

Oh the places we will go…..

P.S. I really want to take this class…… http://www.lolabuland.com/our-training/tricks/


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